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Get Drum Lessons via Skype ! 

Get a Drum Lesson via Skype with our instructor. Drum Lessons via Skype are an hour long, at a time and day of your choice, and given from the instructor’s studio. The instructor’s studio will be equipped with a full drum kit, and the instructor will have all necessary equipment and information to teach the topic of your choice. The time and day of the lesson should be discussed with us in advance, or an email will be sent to you directly after purchase to make an appointment. If you would like a shorter lesson: 30mn or 45mn, please contact us directly to discuss pricing. 

Depending on the topic studied, it is usually best that you equip yourself with a drum kit as well during the Skype lesson, in order to follow the instructor’s directions. The topic of the drum lesson can be of your choice, or at the instructor’s discretion. This could also be decided and discussed in advance. 

Drum lessons via Skype are great to talk about general technique, and general concepts such as: How to build up a practice routine ? How to practice a specific song / groove / lick /transcription / idea ? Which technical exercise to use for my level ? Which drum or music school should I go to, and how to make the best demo or audition for the entry exam ? What’s the next step for my current level and desire ? Some students also like to follow a curriculum with regular Skype lessons. See our list of possible topics below for more inspiration ! 

Get a Drum Lesson Package ! 

Want to receive regular drum lessons ? Great idea ! Regular practice is the key to improvement. Get a discount for a package purchase! 

Great idea for a birthday present! 

Not sure what/how to study ? We are here to help ! 

Topics include: hand technique, foot technique, coordination, independence, reading, musical styles, improvisation, brushes technique, time control, sound perfection, music business, how to build up a practice routine, accompaniment, soloing, polyrhythms, musicianship, music theory, music/drums history, repertoire, master’s transcriptions, music schools choices and exams (which school to chose, how to pass the entrance exam or proficiency exam, how to receive a scholarship, etc)… 

Visit the Lesson Material page to download the corresponding pdf's. 

Prefer contacting us first and have a chat ? Feel free to do so! 

Thanks! Message sent.

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