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This is a pdf package that includes 9 different drum solos transcriptions by the great drummer Roy Haynes. 

Bonus: The full transcription of "Matrix" (comping + solo section) 

All transcriptions include stickings (R/L). 


The list is: 

1- Just One of Those Things

 Album: Charlie Parker "Plays Cole Porter", 1954

2- 0:15 Shullie a Bop 

Album: Sarah Vaughan “Swingin Easy ” 1954

3- 0:43 Minor Encamp

Album: Roy Haynes Sextet "Modern Group" 1954

4- 1:28 In Walked Bud

Album: Thelonious Monk "Misterioso", 1957

5- 2:48 Will You Still Be MIne

Album: Kenny Burrell "A Night at The Vanguard", 1957 

6- 4:22 Down Home

Album: Roy Haynes Trio "Just Us" 1960

7- 5:52 Snap Crackle (intro + solo)

Album: Roy Haynes Quartet "Out of the Afternoon", 1962

8- 7:09 Reaching Fourth 

Album: McCoy Tyner "Reaching Fourth", 1962

9- 8:21 Matrix

Album: Chick Corea "Now He SIngs, Now He Sobs", 1968

10- Bonus: The full "Matrix" transcription comping + solo


Watch the YouTube video of the transcription

Roy Haynes Package 9 amazing solos

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