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This is a pdf package that includes 6 different transcriptions of the legendary jazz drummer Tony Williams. 29 pages total. This package includes both solos and comping sections, so you can study a large palette of vocabulary from his amazing drummer. 


Part 1 - Solos: 


1] “Seven Steps to Heaven” from the album “Seven Steps to Heaven”, Miles Davis 1963

2] “Seven Steps to Heaven” from the Live album “Four and More”, Miles Davis 1964

3] “Air Raid” from the album “Evolution”, from the album "Evolution", Grachan Moncur III, 1963


Part 2 - Comping: 


1] “Nefertiti” whole piece, from "Nefertiti", Miles Davis, 1967

2] “Footprints” whole piece, from "Miles Smiles", 1966

3] ‘So What” from “Four and More”, Live with Miles Davis, 1964  (up to the sax solo) 


Part 3- Annex: 

List of 11 amazing solos (must listen!) recorded by Tony Williams during the 1960’s 


Watch the YouTube video of the transcription

Tony Williams PACKAGE Transcriptions

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